Marco Mengoni, “L’Essenziale”

English lyrics: Heroes claim that ‘If the game gets hard you have to play it!’ Bless them then If they exchange insults with good things. It happens to us as well To make war and then long for Peace And in my silence I delete all your pain. To appreciate what I wasn’t able to choose. As the world falls … Continua a leggere

Biagio Antonacci, “Se E’ Vero Che Ci Sei”

English lyrics: Sometimes I stare at the sea,this eternal movement,but two eyes are not enough for this immense and I understand to be alone and I take a walk inside the world but I realize that two legs are not enough to turn it again and again. And if it’s true that you’re here Beat a blow, my love I … Continua a leggere

Elisa, “Eppure Sentire”

English lyrics: A step away from possibility A step away from you Afraid to decide Afraid of me Of everything I don’t know Of everything Idon’t have And yet feeling In the flowers on the asphalt In the cobalt skies – there is And yet feeling In the dreams behind the tears In the days of silence – there is … Continua a leggere

Tiziano Ferro, “La Differenza Tra Me e Te”

English lyrics: The difference between me and you I’ve never completely understood it very well Me and you One of us can hurt himself, the other a bit less But me and you It’s almost a negation. I lose my self in the details and disorders, you don’t And I’m afraid of your past and my past But you’re not. … Continua a leggere

Tiziano Ferro, “Indietro”

English lyrics: I want to give you my life You’re changing all my life, now Finally I give you this news News is the anagram of my name, you see And I know you need time, I don’t deny it Even though there’s really no time, but if… I’m looking for something, I see it Love goes fast and you … Continua a leggere

Tiziano Ferro, “Sere Nere”

English lyrics: You’ll think again about the angels The hot coffee while waking up As the news about us airs absently They say it’s gonna help me If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger As your voice airs absently on tv Between the radio and the phone your goodbye will resonate On dark nights There’s no time There’s … Continua a leggere

Eros Ramazzotti, “Se bastasse una canzone”

English lyrics:  If a beautiful song was enough To make love pour down We could sing a millionA million times If it was already enough If it was already enough It would take not that much to learn how to love more If a true song was enough To convince the others We could sing it louder Seeing that they’re … Continua a leggere

Laura Pausini, “Vivimi”

English lyrics: I don’t need anything more Now that You bright me with endless love, outside and inside Believe me if you can Believe me if you want to Believe me and you’ll see this will never come to an endI’ve wishes written up high that fly Every thought is independent from my body Believe me if you can Believe … Continua a leggere

Eros Ramazzotti, “Più Bella Cosa”

English lyrics:  I don’t know how it started this endless story with you you, the one who became my “her” the one of my whole life There has to be passion with you and a little bit of craziness There has to be thoughts so I work with my imagination Do you remember when I sang you There was immediately … Continua a leggere